Networking Services

Networks are the backbone of organizational growth. The emergence of new technologies and the concept of dispersed geographical operations brought  daunting new challenges to network management.

Network outsourcing to best of breed IT service providers can yield significant business benefits and cost reductions.

Fonicom offers cutting edge networking solutions to enterprises and telecommunication companies for the entire network lifecycle. These include a suite of international connectivity services, LAN / WLAN design, management services, network system integration and consultancy services.

Our high speed wireless network covering around 75% of the Maltese Islands allow enterprises to benefit from low cost, high capacity point to point or point to multipoint resilient connectivity for extending networks. Customers share our experience with wireless and benefit from our consultancy services for design and management of private wireless networks and complex WLAN environments. Read more about our networking services or contact us to discuss your requirements.

* A number of services listed above are not available on the Maltese Islands