Private Hybrid Cloud

Fonicom’s Enterprise Private Cloud solutions are an easy and affordable way for your organisation and enhance operational efficiency and performance. We deliver private cloud solutions that are as flexible as public cloud solutions with increased security and reliability that a private cloud brings along. Our Private Cloud solutions allow you to create a hybrid environment that is scalable and responsive to your requirements.

Increase the performance of your production environments across multiple applications and extend your data centre into the cloud using existing network and infrastructure topologies, and provide isolation from Internet access.

Sometimes, a combination of both public and private clouds are better suited for running specific workloads. Fonicom helps you create hybrid cloud environments by connecting existing infrastructure to public clouds of your choice both for load balancing and scalability. Start small and scale up.

Our services include:

  • Design, planning and deployment of private cloud solutions covering infrastructures such as compute, storage, network and security resources.
  • Manage complete private cloud environments or individual elements that are not covered by in-house resource.
  • Procure or lease infrastructure from top global vendors.

Your organisation can benefit from our hybrid cloud solutions that are brought to you in conjunction with  Dell, VMware and
Cisco, amongst other vendors.