Data Management

OceanStor DJ Service-Driven Storage Control Software

An OpenStack-based storage management system that provides unified control and management of SAN, NAS, and Object storage to solve performance bottlenecks, improve utilisation, and provide resilient protection in enterprise and cloud computing environments. Huawei OceanStor DJ virtualises storage systems from multiple vendors into a programmable storage pool enabling services-based storage to be easily provisioned and managed.

The system delivers workload-driven “storage resources on demand,” with dynamic resource allocation and automated backup to simplify management and reduce TCO of storage — increasing performance and stability in large-scale data centers.

Unified control and management software for automating workload-based allocation of storage resources and taming massive storage needs

Storage Resource Virtualization

Grounded in OpenStack precepts, OceanStor DJ can take over management of heterogeneous storage devices and consolidate resources into pools.

Automatic Service-based Deployment

Allocates resources according to workload-based best practice templates; self-help service applications and complete service catalogs.


You can select Huawei or third-party backup applications to provide data protection services.