Big Data Servers

Huawei FusionCube BigData Machine is a hardware platform to accelerate big data business, which can be seamlessly connected with mainstream big data platforms. Based on Huawei’s innovated acceleration technologies, the BigData Machine provides the high-density data storage solution, Spark real-time analysis acceleration solution. These solutions are widely applied in public security, precision marketing, risk control, and real-time O&M, helping customers reduce TCO.

Better compatibility, excellent performance, easy deployment, and reduced TCO

  • Better compatibility: Supports HortonWorks – Cloudera – FusionInsight – OpenSource Big Data platforms.
  • Full solution: Provides Hadoop – Spark acceleration solutions.
  • Excellent performance: Saves 30% on data node servers, Spark real-time analysis speed increased 40%.

Pain points of current High Density Storage solutions

  • PB-level massive cold data archiving and storage occupies huge disk space at a high cost.
  • Compressing data by the built-in soft compression algorithm and storing data consumes plenty of CPU resources with a low compression ratio.

Huawei solution to the problem

  • Dedicated hardware compression releases 30% CPU resources.
  • The algorithm with a high compression ratio improves data node storage capacity by 30%.

Pain points of current Spark Real-Time Analysis Acceleration solutions

  • During the Shuffle process, temporary data and memory overflow data must be exchanged in the HDFS file system.
  • The performance of HDFS, which is made up by HDDs, affects real-time analysis speed. Huawei solution benefits

Huawei solution to the problem

  • Real-time analysis is accelerated by 40%.