Mission Critical Servers

Mission Critical Servers deliver the high reliability, performance, and scalability demanded by the x86 ecosystem and mission-critical environment. Fonicom’s Mission Critical Server solutions are based on Huawei KunLun Servers. The KunLun leverages Huawei’s Node Controller (NC) and BMC management chips, and combines the Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) node interconnect technology and RAS 2.0 technology. KunLun supports up to 768 cores on a single server and up to 1.97 scale-up linearity. It has been certified for operating SAP HANA of up to 16 TB for running S4H/SoH applications, and up to 8 TB for running BWoH applications. KunLun delivers industry-leading SAP SD2 and SAP B4H benchmark performance.

There are three KunLum server models: 9008, 9016, and 9032, corresponding to 8-sockets, 16-sockets, and 32-sockets. The 9008 and 9016 servers both can scale up to 32-sockets.

Superior reliability

RAS 2.0 proactive fault management ensures service continuity. It supports online CPU and memory module maintenance without shutting down the server

Ultimate performance

Engineered with innovative NC technology for high-speed interconnection of 32 CPUs, KunLun 9032 ranks No. 1 performance-wise in the SPEC CPU2006 benchmark test, and is an industry-leader in SAP SD2 and SAP B4H performance benchmark tests. It provides physical partitioning (K-Par) and logical partitioning (L-Par) functions to adapt to various service requirements

Versatile applications

Ideal for DB/OLTP, in-memory computing, HPC fat node, virtualization, or cloud platform


Mainstream x86 ecosystem, resulting in 30% lower TCO than UNIX servers

Fonicom also supplies and integrates mission critical server infrastructure from Dell and HPE.