We are living the big data, cloud, and analytics era that is driving massive growth in critical data and an increased demand for storage. Adding storage capacity to data problems is not always the solution. We understand that the right storage strategy can dramatically reduce costs and improve productivity and output. Fonicom designs, plans, and implements on-premise, cloud, and hybrid storage solutions that improve efficiency, shrink data without degrading performance, improve utilisation and reduce overall capacity needs through storage technologies from Huawei Enterprise and Netapp.

We use our experience in server, storage, and data-protection systems to focus on agility, predictability, and optimization across environments. Below are some of the services we offer:

  • Maximising utilisation of your virtualised environment.
  • Implement Flash storage to improve energy consumption, optimise space utilisation, and provide exponentially improved performance.
  • Receive real-world recommendations and upgrade strategies customised to your usage case.
  • Migrate your critical workloads to tiered storage, based on real-time performance requirements.
  • Optimise and implement data tiering with Spindles, Flash, NVME, and Cloud.
  • Assess storage options for functionality and productivity with Proof of Concepts.
  • Secure your data by reviewing ways to implement data security technologies in your environment.