Step into a new era of IT infrastructure management with Fonicom’s world-class colocation services. We extend your reach to 17 state-of-the-art datacenters globally, each one powered by 100% renewable energy and dedicated to providing an optimal environment for your crucial IT operations. These facilities are the epitome of performance, stability, and security, each holding globally recognized certifications. With Fonicom, you’ll benefit from an advanced, sustainable, and secure platform for your IT assets, providing you with the peace of mind to focus on what matters most – driving your business forward.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure and Environmental Controls

The datacenters we operate from are built to meet the highest industry standards. Alongside cutting-edge technology, they utilize advanced environmental control systems. These include redundant power systems, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and backup generators, ensuring your servers and equipment remain online and operational, even during unforeseen power outages or fluctuations. Moreover, these facilities employ efficient cooling and humidity control systems, maintaining an optimal and energy-efficient environment for your equipment.

Stringent Security Measures

Security is a paramount concern at the datacenters we operate from. These facilities are fortified with multilayered security systems, which include 24/7 video surveillance, biometric access controls, and physical security personnel. Strict access control policies ensure that only authorized personnel can enter the premises. This comprehensive security approach offers peace of mind, knowing your critical infrastructure is well-protected from unauthorized access and potential threats.

Flexible Colocation Options

We cater to your unique business needs with a variety of flexible colocation options. From private cabinets and half racks to dedicated cages, we provide a range of solutions to securely house your IT infrastructure. For businesses seeking additional support, our managed colocation services ensure all aspects of your colocation needs are taken care of. Discover more about our Managed Colocation Services.

Connectivity Services and Interconnects

Alongside our colocation services, we provide a range of connectivity solutions tailored to your business needs. We offer high-speed internet connectivity, dedicated network connections, and direct interconnects to leading public cloud providers. Our extensive network facilitates the benefits of hybrid cloud architectures, promoting seamless integration between your on-premises infrastructure and public cloud environments.

Global Reach

As businesses operate on a global scale, we provide colocation services across datacenters strategically located in key regions worldwide. Our global footprint, combined with a commitment to sustainability and renewable energy use, offers the flexibility to deploy your infrastructure in locations that best meet your business needs. Our services are provided in the following locations:

Region Country City Total Datacenters
Europe The Netherlands Amsterdam 2
Germany Frankfurt am Main 3
United Kingdom London 3
North America United States Chicago 1
Dallas 1
Los Angeles 1
Miami 1
New York 1
Phoenix 1
San Francisco 1
Seattle 1
Washington 1
Canada Montreal 3
Asia Hong Kong Hong Kong 2
Singapore Singapore 2
Japan Tokyo 1
Oceania Australia Sydney 2

Partner with Fonicom

Fonicom stands as your trusted, green partner in colocation services. Through our operations in cutting-edge, energy-efficient datacenters, robust power infrastructure, stringent security measures, industry certifications, comprehensive connectivity services, and flexible colocation options, we provide a reliable, secure, and sustainable environment for your IT infrastructure. Choose Fonicom and empower your business to thrive in the digital age while contributing to a greener future.

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